Kongre Programı

10 March 2022, Thursday
Opening Ceremony
15:00-15:20Prof. Dr. Öztekin ALGÜL, Chair
15:20-15:40İkram CENGİZ, President, Turkish Chemists Society
15:40-16:10Zeynep ATABAY, Atabay
16:10-16:40Dr. Ömer Faruk FIRAT, Polifarma
16:40-17:10Mehmet BALCI, SEM

“İlaç Sanayisine Çözüm Üreten Bir Şirketin Gözünden Geçmiş, Günümüz, Gelecek”

17:10-17:40Assoc. Prof. Tolga KARAKAN, President, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency
17:40-18:00 AWARD CEREMONY

“10th International Drug Chemistry Congress R&D Awards”

1. SessionSession Chair: Prof. Dr. Rahime ŞİMŞEK
Opening Lecture
18:00-18:40Prof. Dr. Aykut ÜREN, Georgetown University

“Targeting The Undruggable Proteins For Pediatric Cancers

20:30-22:00Career Day, SEM
11 March 2022, Friday
2. SessionSession Chair: Prof. Dr. Hasan TÜRKEZ
09:00-09:40Prof. Dr. Adil MARDİNOĞLU, King’s College London

“The use of systems biology in treatment of liver diseases”

09:40-10:00Assoc. Prof. Salih ÖZÇUBUKÇU, METU

“Fullerene Based Enzyme Mimics and Their Applications”

10:00-10:15Dr. Murat Emrah MAVİŞ, SEM

“Development of A Sensitive APCI-LC-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Determination of Nitrosamine Impurities and Its Application to Valsartan and Irbesartan Drugs”

10:15-10:30Assist. Prof. Mariia NESTERKINA, Odessa International Medical University

“Brominated derivatives of mono- and bicyclic terpenoids as promising agents with dual effects”

10:30-11:00Coffee Break
WORKSHOP I, Odeon Hall
09:30-10:00Prof. Dr. Murat KARTAL, Bezmialem Vakıf University

“İlaç Sektöründe Tıbbi ve Aromatik Bitkilerin Kullanımı ve İhtiyaç Analizi”

10:00-10:30Gencer Kaan AKYÜZ, REDOKS

“CAD Dedektörün İlaç Sektöründe Kullanımı”

11:00-12:30Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK)

Filiz OZUL, İlaç Denetim Daire Başkanı

“İlaç Denetim Faaliyetleri ve Yayımlanan Yeni Kılavuzlar”

3. SessionSession Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Belgin SEVER
11:00-11:40Prof. Dr. Masami OTSUKA, Kumamoto University

“Research and development of drugs for fibrosis”

11:40-12:00Assist. Prof. Banu TAKTAK KARACA, İstanbul Atlas University

“Protein Nanotherapeutics: Engineered Protein-Based Nanoparticles as an Emerging Modality for Cancer Therapy”

12:00-12:15Dr. Müge GÜLELİ, World Medicine

“Determination of Nitrosamine Impurities in Pharmaceutical Formulations

12:15-12:30Dr. Ramzi SHAWAHNA, An-Najah National University

“Using chemical and molecular descriptors to predict performance of age-appropriate oral dosage forms containing celecoxib”

14:00-16:00Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK)

14:00-14:15 ⇒ Assoc. Prof. M. Kürşat DERİCİ, “Ulusal Kontrol Laboratuvarları (NCL) Görev ve Kapasitesi”

14:15-14:30 ⇒ Biomed. Eng. Serhat ALADAĞ, “Kalite Kontrol Laboratuvarında Kalite Yönetim Sistemi”

14:30-14:45 ⇒ Pharm. Yasin ŞENOL, “Numune Kabul Süreci”

14:45-15:00 ⇒ Coffee Break

15:00-15:15 ⇒ Pharm. Hiram Huzeyfe YAKUT, “İlaç Analiz Süreçleri”

15:15-15:30 ⇒ Pharm. Ayşe UÇAN, “Aşı analiz Süreçleri”

15:30-16:00 ⇒ Soru-Cevap

4. SessionSession Chair: Prof. Dr. M. Dilek ALTINTOP
14:00-14:40Prof. Dr. Erden BANOĞLU, Gazi University

“Discovery of Novel Microsomal Prostaglandin E2 Synthase-1 (mPGES-1) Inhibitors: A New Modality to Treat Inflammation”

14:40-15:00Assoc. Prof. Nurettin MENGEŞ, Van Yüzüncü Yıl University

“Research and Different Synthetic Strategies for New Drug Candidates and Generic Drugs for Glioblastoma”

15:00-15:15Assist. Prof. Mohammed HAWASH, An-Najah National University

“Novel Benzodioxole Derivatives: Molecular Docking, Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation on Various Biological Targets”

15:15–15:30Pharm. Ünnügülsüm ERDOĞAN, Abdi İbrahim

“The Effect of Moisture in Dry Powder Inhalation Performance Containing Anticholinergic Molecule Used Specifically for The Treatment of COPD”

15:30-16:00Coffee Break
WORKSHOP V, Odeon Hall
16:00-17:00Serhat KÖSTERELİ, SHIMADZU

 “Nexera LC-40 (U)HPLC Series – Unleashing the Power of Analytical Intelligence”

5. SessionSession Chair: Dr. Gökçe YlLDIRIM BUHARALIOĞLU
16:00-16:40Prof. Dr. Yahya GÜZEL, Erciyes University

Fingerprint Generation by Dimension Reduction from Clustering Methodology of Atoms Based on 3D Structural Similarity for Pha Modelling”

16:40-16:55Assist. Prof. Pelin BALÇIK-ERÇİN, Dokuz Eylül University

“CD133 Targeted Photodynamic Therapy in Breast Cancer Cells

16:55-17:10Banu ÖZKIRIM ARSLAN, Abdi İbrahim

“In Vitro Release Test Design for A Topical Semisolid Drug Product in Gel Form Containing Two Active Ingredients Which Are Antiinfective and Anti-Acne”

17:10-17:30Prof. Dr. Murat KARTAL, Bezmialem Vakıf University

“Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research and Reference Center Establishment”

6. SessionShort Oral Presentations

Session Chairs

Prof. Dr. Nermin ŞİMŞEK KUŞ, Phoenix IProf. Dr. Yunus KARA, Odeon

Prof. Dr. Yunus KARA, Phoenix-I
Dr. Orhan Mutlu TOPAL, Phoenix II

19:30-21:30Poster Presentations, Mirage I-II
12 March 2022, Saturday
7. SessionSession Chair: Prof. Dr. Ramazan ALTUNDAŞ
09:00-09:40Dr. Halilibrahim ÇİFTÇİ, Kumamoto University

“Development of New Generation Anti-HIV Drugs through Structural Biology”

09:40-10:00Assoc. Prof. Mohyeddin ASSALI, An-Najah National University

“Active Targeting of Liver Cancer by Dual Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes”

10:00-10:15Muhammed TRAWALLY, Istanbul University

“Novel sulfa drug containing thiourea derivatives: Synthesis, molecular modelling and inhibition studies of pharmaceutically important carbonic anhydrase isoforms”

10:15-10:30Ömür GÜVEN, Koç University

“Structural Analysis of TRAF6 Inhibition by SN1 Utilizing X-ray Crystallography”

10:30-11:00Coffee Break
09:30-10:30Halil İbrahim KIZILARSLAN, SEM

 “Agilent Raman Spectroscopy Product Portfolio”

“Fast Content Uniformity and Polimorph Analysis”

“Raw Materials ID Verification”


“Innovative Solutions in Biotechnology”

11:00-12:30 Hakan DİBEK, ANT TEKNİK

“Innovative Workflow Solutions for Life Science and Biotechnology”

8. SessionSession Chair: Prof. Dr. Erden BANOĞLU
11:00-11:40Assist. Prof. Hacer KARATAŞ BRISTOW, Istanbul Medipol University

Identification of Covalent Inhibitors of the TEAD Central Pocket via Thiol Conjugation Assay

11:40-12:00Assist. Prof. Safacan KOLEMEN, Koç University

Dicyanomethylene-4H-chromene-based Photosensitizers as Cancer Cell Selective and Theranostic Photodynamic Therapy Agents”

12:00-12:15Sude SARAL ÇAKMAK, Marmara University

“Synthesis of New Hydrazide-Hydrazone Derived from Etophenamate and Investigation of Their Biological Activity”

12:15-12:30Serap İpek DİNGİŞ BİRGÜL, Bezmialem Vakif University

“Molecular Modeling Studies on Dithiocarbamates and Dithiocarbonates Containing 6-nitrosaccharin Scaffold as antitubercular agents”

14:00-15:30Doğan TAŞKENT, ATABAY
9. SessionSession Chair: Assoc. Prof. Serdar KARAKURT
14:00-14:40Prof. Dr. Claus SCHNEİDER, Vanderbilt University

“Drugs from food? – The curious case of curcumin”

14:40-15:20Dr. Gökçe YlLDIRIM BUHARALIOĞLU, Ege University

“Epigenetic Controls on the Main Therapeutic Target in Prostate Cancer: Androgen Receptor”

15:20-16:00Coffee Break
10. SessionSession Chair: Assoc. Prof. Salih ÖZÇUBUKÇU
16:00-16:40Prof. Dr. Mikako FUJITA, Kumamoto University

Studies aiming at new strategies to combat HIV”

16:40-17:00Assoc. Prof. Nazlı SARIKAHYA, Ege University

Investigation of The Potential of Saponins as Immunomodulator Adjuvan Candidates Isolated from Endemic Cephalaria Species”

17:00-17:20Assist. Prof Dr. Gozde YALCIN-OZKAT, Recep Tayyip Erdogan University

Computational Studies on the Multi-Target Drug Discovery for Multiple Sclerosis”

17:20-17:40Assoc. Prof. Yalçın COŞKUN, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University

“Cytotoxic effects of the wild verbena ethanol extract on cancer cells in vitro conditions”

17:40-18:00Assist. Prof. Derar AL-SMADI, An-Najah National University

“Chemical and Biochemical Approaches for the Synthesis of

Substituted Dihydroxybutanones and Di- and Tri-Hydroxypentanones”

18:00-18:15Elif GÖKÇAY BİLİCİ

“Türkiye İlaç Sektöründe Kimyasal Tedarik Zinciri Güvenliği”

19:30-21:30Poster Presentations, Mirage I-II
13 March 2022, Sunday
11. SessionSession Chair: Assoc. Prof. Nurettin MENGEŞ
09:00-09:40Assist. Prof. Simone CARRADORI, “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara

“Design and Synthesis of New Derivatives of Plant Secondary Metabolites as Dual Inhibitors of Helicobacter pylori Strains and AGS Cell Proliferation”

09:40-10:20Assoc. Prof. Mohammad A. OBEID, Yarmouk University

Lipid Nanoparticles Formulations: From Bench Scale to Industrial Scale

10:20-10:35Nurettin TOKAY, Koc University

“Structural analysis of HIV-1 Gag-IP6 complexes using ambient-temperature X-ray crystallography and in-solution Small-angle X-ray scattering”

10:35-10:50Zefine UĞRAŞ, Marmara University

“Synthesis of Novel Pyrazoline Derivatives Carrying Piperidine Ring and Investigation of Their Anticancer Activities”

10:50-11:05Sergen GÜL, Van Yüzüncü Yıl University

The Synthesis of ESIPT-based Fluorescent Dyes with Large Stokes Shifts and Their Applications in Cell Imaging”

11:05–11:20Sumeyye NARİN, Konya Food and Agriculture University

“L-Ascorbic Acid Loaded as a Target Drug and Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Hydrogels for Bone Differentiation”

11:20-12:30Closing Ceremony and Poster awards
Your poster will be tacked to a 100 cm (tall) x 70 cm (wide) board so therefore should not exceed the measurement of the board. Your poster should be placed at the poster board with number corresponding to the conference agenda and available for viewing by attendees througout the conference. Authors are expected to be present at their poster during the poster session on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm. Poster awards will be given at the closing ceremony.
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